Noor Daro Gonbad Company in Gonbad Kavous city of Golestan province has been cultivating and producing seaweed products, Spirulina platensis for the first time since 2016.

Cultivation and production of spirulina algae products has been completely localized by the exclusive cultivation method of Nordaru company. Spirulina is a seaweed from the family of blue-green algae. Due to the properties of this algae and its extraordinary benefits in the pharmaceutical and food industries for human, livestock, poultry and aquatic consumption, this dietary supplement is consumed in tablets and powder all over the world, especially in Europe.

One of the cellular pigments in this alga is phycocyanin. The amount of phycocyanin in spirulina is about 7% of its dry matter, which is significant compared to other beneficial microalgae such as chloro la, which is about 1%.
According to studies conducted by the NIH, the antioxidant properties of phycocyanin are tens of thousands of times that of vitamin (E).

Noor Daroo Company is proud to be the producer of this miraculous pigment industrially for the first time in Iran.

Noor Daroo Company products in the field of spirulina and phycocyanin seaweed into two categories of food products including spirulina powder, spirulina tablets and its capsules, as well as phycocyanin powder in different volumes and packages, and health cosmetic products including Spirulina shampoo for men , women and children, all kinds of masks and face creams .


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