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The NOUR DAROU, company cooperated with the management  in Gonbad-e-Kavous city, Golestan province, since 1395, for the first time began to develop and produce seaweed products, Spirulina Platensis.

Spirulina is a seaweed of the green-blue family. Due to the characteristics of this algae and its enormous benefits in the pharmaceutical and food industries for human consumption, livestock and poultry and aquatic animals, this supplement in powder or pil form is widely used worldwide, especially in Europe.


The first producer of Spirulina algae in Iran


The first producer of phycocyanin pigment in Iran

Make up products

Manufacturer of cosmetic and sunscreen products


Health products

Manufacturer of hair and head shampoos


Spirulina benefits


Spirulina is a micro-algae that is consumed in countries which like to use  valuable and highly nutritious foods.

 Spirulina is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins and minerals

 Spirulina has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties


 Spirulina strengthens the immune system, regulating blood pressure


Use of spirulina in confectionery and chocolate products

Use of spirulina in foods, beverages and bodybuilding supplements

Appetite stimulation and increased digestion and absorption of food

Nour Darou Co.  is proud to be the first manufacturer of cellular pigments in Spirulina Seaweed, called phycocyanin, in Iran.


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